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James M. Kemp

Founder & Managing Partner - the OCEO

A versatile business professional with 25+ years of extensive strategic and tactical experience in Operations, Corporate Development, Post Acquisition Integration, Business Development, Product Marketing and Client Services. He is an expert in assessing challenging and complex business problems and delivering tangible solutions.

Throughout my career I had the opportunity of working with the best of the best leaders in the industry. Their mentoring molded my professional expertise and taught me vital skills that drove my success. I am grateful for their mentorship and willingness to provide ongoing advice and counsel. It is an honor and a privilege to have their endorsement. I consider them my friends and look forward to our ongoing association.


“James is an incredible partner and always makes me look good. He is the best at bringing order to chaos and driving tangible results. I trust him explicitly.”

Brad Rencher

CEO at BambooHR

Formerly EVP & GM at Adobe Digital Experience


"James is a tremendous collaborator and partner, bringing rigor to everything he tackles, whether it's day to day business operations or the intensity of an acquisition integration.  You can always count on James to deliver with grace and humanity."

Gloria Chen

CHRO and EVP of Employee Experience at Adobe


"James is a true professional and was a key driver of the successful growth of the Adobe Digital Experience business from $300M - $3B. He is a valued partner to any leadership team."

Justin judd

CFO at Adobe Digital Experience


"James is one of the most consistent, unflappable, hard working executives I’ve ever worked with. His ability to stay on task and smash through obstacles is the hallmark of his work with me over the last 10+ years. And he does this with a great attitude and optimism."

John Mellor

Chief Executive Officer at Domo

Former VP & Strategy & Business Operations at Adobe Digital Experience


"James is a star! James worked for me when I ran corporate development at Omniture, and he is the best around for acquisition integration and diligence. James is highly organized and persistent - exactly the qualities needed when integrating a company. He works well with employees across all levels, from individual contributors to members of the C-Suite, as well as across an organization (finance, legal, sales, engineering, etc.). His demeanor is well suited for managing projects; he knows when to apply a friendly nudge vs. a stern reminder in order to move a task forward. I could not recommend James more highly!"

Brian Andersen

Partner at LUMA Partners LLC.


I had the privilege to work with James at Adobe from 2013 to 2016. I did appreciate his experience with business operations, staff operations, business performance monitoring, problem resolution and also M&A (due diligence and integration, we worked together at integrating Neolane into Adobe). James is a strong and respected leader, as well as a true gentleman. I loved working with you James!

Stéphan Dehoche

Former CEO at Neolane


"We brought James in to help us through a very quick, complex, and company-wide pivot Lendio did to help small business owners through the SBA Payroll Protection Program. He was instrumental in helping us build the overall operational framework for the pivot. Our executive team required a much higher than normal level of real-time coordination and cross-functional accountability. James was a very quick study of our established processes and made quick and effective tool/process recommendations to ensure enhanced interlock and formal check-ins across the entire organization. He is welcoming and engaging to all he interacts with, but also very adept at knowing when a c-team member needs him to be “bad cop” on driving compliance to an operational task or cadence. James will quickly become a highly valued asset to any team he serves."

Ben Davis

CRO at Lendio


I worked closely with James for nearly ten years. During this time, I saw James advance professionally and was continually given additional responsibility for cross-organizational operations and strategic initiatives. James led the quarterly and annual strategic planning and operational reviews for the Digital Marketing BU, and drove engagement across multiple executive stakeholders. His attention to detail and follow through are definitely strengths, as is his ability to work well with everyone in the organization. He has this uncanny ability to drive people hard, in a very thoughtful way, and get results. I also worked very closely with James in the M&A diligence and integration context. He was an incredible asset and exhibited an ability to think strategically and execute flawlessly.

Verl Allen

CEO at Claravine


James is an exemplary professional and a true pleasure to work with. James leads by example and excels in bringing the right resources together across organizations to execute complex projects, such as strategic product launches and content delivery for Omniture. James is well known and respected at for his "can do" attitude, true collaboration, and his ability to deliver.

Chris Parkin

Digital Marketing Leader

Adobe Digital Experience


James created and drove enterprise business operations, serving as the connection point across multiple organizations, applying his process-oriented mindset to solve significant challenges, and seeing initiatives through to completion. His upbeat and kind attitude continuously elevated the morale of those around him, and as a result, everyone thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

Julie Greenspoon

Director of Business Operations at Adobe Digital Experience


Every once in a while, you come across a person who is so reliable, capable, and predictably competent, that they become one of the anchor points in your business relationships. James is just such an individual. Not only is he capable of keeping complex projects, people, and interdependencies straight, but he does so with clarity, calmness, and aplomb. It has long been my privilege to work with him, and I look forward to any opportunity to do so again.

Nathan Walker

Owner, Nate Walker Consulting

Former Lead Consultant at Adobe


James is one of those people who has a natural ability to see the big picture, and coordinate the players and moving parts to get things done. He has had a fantastic career so far that has given him both broad and deep business experiences. He brings a combination of strategy and operational expertise that certainly makes his C-Level stakeholders successful. I enjoyed working with him not only for his talent and professionalism, but for his personality. He brings a strong human element to business operations and strategy such that the teams he works with thrive! I highly endorse and recommend James!

Ed McGarr

VP of Sales, Partnerships and Alliances


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