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What is the Office of the CEO


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Business Operations

  • Form an operational infrastructure to manage the business so that the CEO can focus on building the business 

  • Establish an OCEO team including Executive Admin, PR and additional Business Operations staff to provide worldwide support and consistency

  • Build the overall business framework (guardrails)

  • Ensure effective interlock and formal check-ins with partner organizations 

  • Drive the execution of key business processes (Planning, Quarterly Status Reports, Quarterly Business Reviews, BOD reports etc..)

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Staff  Management

  • Provide a steady hand on the rudder of the business

  • Implement an issue clearing house to ensure the CEO is laser focused and organized

  • Create strategic agendas, prepare presenters and drive accountability

  • Manage the flow of meetings to ensure the team stays on task (bad cop)

  • Orchestrate effective leadership, offsite planning, board of director, and all hands meetings

  • Drive Alignment around corporate and senior leader calendars

  • Conduct executive deal sponsorship reviews and sales engagement meetings

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Business Planning

  • Orchestrate the operational flow of strategic planning, operations planning and budgeting

  • Facilitate the creation of yearly plan(s) of record, establish OKRs, identify owners and target dates

  • Deliver comprehensive templates including competitive landscape, financial targets, growth drivers, invest / divest priorities, dependencies and organizational review

  • Drive reporting and accountability for business work streams 

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M&A Diligence & Integration

  • Best practices around "go / no go" on deal execution (red flags)

  • Comprehensive due diligence process including checklists by department

  • Deliver value realization and synergy (greater than the sum of the parts)

  • Best practices for executive engagement, steering committee and tactical team

  • Integration framework, checklists, work stream structure and tactical procedures

  • Reduction in force (RIF) process

  • Provide insight throughout the process with dashboards (single source of truth) and accountability reviews

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Reporting & Accountability

  • Deliver an executive dashboard package that supports the operational plan and provides a single source of truth

  • Orchestrate all quarterly and annual financial reviews, business reviews, and interlock sessions

  • Create the quarterly and year end rollup of business results that will be used for performance reviews

  • Organize leadership check-in surveys and drive follow up on feedback

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Change Management

  • Provide operational support for new business opportunities, org changes and strategic initiatives

  • Establish an Enterprise Risk Management process with accountability throughout the organization

  • Conduct regular accountability reviews

  • Oversee office expansion as a result of M&A deals or other growth needs


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