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The  Business Leader's Dilemma

Being an entrepreneur or leading a successful business is the American dream. Endeavors like discovering a new technology or marketing an innovative service are rewarding and exciting. Whether you have years of experience or just began your journey in the marketplace, all business leaders face unique challenges. Trying to establish a brand, adjusting to the competition and keeping your business profitable is a never ending battle.

Business leaders need to balance the requirements of building a business and managing a business. Establishing a vision and being an evangelist for the business requires a much different skillset than managing the day to day minutia of business operations. The business owner often tries to wear both hats and in doing so is not successful with either.

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change management process tactical execu
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the OCEO Business Operations Foundation

The Office of the CEO ( system builds the foundation of a business by establishing strategic and operational plans, core objectives, key performance indicators, and reporting tools that provide visibility and accountability. It is based on the premise "what is measured improves and what is measured and reported on improves faster".

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Once the components have been established, they must be communicated and posted in a visible fashion so that the entire team can monitor progress. Employees want to see the company succeed and will rally behind clear objectives. Employees also want to succeed themselves. We are all coin operated and need clear direction to meet and exceed expectations.

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theOCEO Business Operations Foundation is the byproduct of 100's of business reviews in front of a C-level audience. During these reviews, every plan and key performance indicator of the business was reviewed, discussed and defended. The establishment of the OCEO system is difficult to create from scratch. We have the tools, templates, and experience to lead your organization through the process. The system can be applied to businesses of all sizes, industries and stages of growth. Engaging with the OCEO team is straightforward and can be implemented quickly and cost effectively.

The appraisal consists of a deep dive review of every aspect of the business within the following categories. Throughout the review, assignments are captured and plans are established to address challenges within the business. Agendas and templates are provided to lead the team through the process.

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Diligence Questionnaire

Leadership Kickoff Mtg

Workstream Sessions

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Strategic / Operations Plans

Objectives, KPIs & Owners

Reporting & Dashboards

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Deliver the OCEO Package

All Hands Presentation

Recommended Next Steps




Complete rollout of the OCEO system including a full week of onsite counseling



Complete package of

the tools and templates that enable the

OCEO system



In office advisory sessions to ensure the ongoing success of the OCEO system



Ongoing access to an on-call advisor remotely or onsite on a retainer basis


Talk to an Advisor Today

Contact us to speak with one of our advisors. We provide a free consultation to see if theOCEO is a good fit. You can expect absolute confidentiality and we won't drive you crazy with sale pitch emails or phone calls.

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