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A fresh perspective can help to improve the performance and efficiency of any business. We provide a powerful collection of proven strategies, techniques, tools and services designed to enhance operational execution. We are experts in working with organizations of all sizes, industries and stages of growth. Your success is our only focus and your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

  • Briefing to introduce the process, identify leadership team and establish timeline.
  • Kickoff mtg with the full leadership team to outline the process and set expectatons.
  • 1:1 reviews with each of the leaders to complete the assessment process and determine potential areas of focus.
  • CEO is provided with a report of the assessment findings and recommendations.
  • Follow up meeting where findings and recommendations will be reviewed, action plans will be created, owners will be identified and timelines will be established.


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The OCEO Operational Foundation establishes strategic and operational plans, core objectives, key performance indicators, and reporting tools that provide visibility and accountability. It is based on the premise "What is measured improves and what is measured and reported on improves faster".


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The OCEO M&A Execution system has been used in the successful due diligence and integration of 20+ acquisitions representing >$10B in deal value. M&A diligence and integration is one of the most challenging processes you will face. Each deal is unique and the best practices of the system come from years of hands on experience.


Funding is the lifeblood of any startup venture. Entrepreneurs seeking funding need to have a compelling case that includes a sound business plan and the structure they will use to be successful.. The Office of the CEO ( Business Incubator system builds the foundation of a business by establishing strategic and operational plans, core objectives, key performance indicators, and reporting tools that provide visibility and accountability. 

There are significant uncertainties in the evaluation and diligence process that will make or break the investment and have long term effects to ROI. The answer to many of these questions can be found on the surface. As an investor, there is not always time nor resources to effectively vet a potential investment opportunity. To truly succeed, it takes an expert that knows where to look and what questions to ask. You won’t be a great investor unless you see things others don’t see and make bets others are not willing to make. 

Executive Coach

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Over a 25+ year career, I have worked with CEOs, Business Owners and Executives of companies of varying sizes, industries and stages of growth. I am well versed in the challenges and difficulties you face and have developed strategies and tangible solutions to overcome them. I am confident that you will receive immediate impact, sustainable change and measureable results leading to a 50-70% increase in overall performance.
  • Driving results
  • Creating followership
  • Effectively managing down, across & up
  • Situational leadership
  • Mental fitness
  • Targeted performance area

Talk to an Advisor Today

Contact us to speak with one of our advisors. We provide a free consultation to see if theOCEO is a good fit. You can expect absolute confidentiality and we won't drive you crazy with sale pitch emails or phone calls.

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