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  • Served as the Chief of Staff and Worldwide Business Operation lead for the Adobe Digital Experience business.

  • Created the Office of the CEO methodology used to support 1000% growth over 10 years.

  • Ran operational execution for Strategic Planning, Operations Planning, transition to Budget, Objectives and Key Performance Indicators.

  • Oversaw Quarterly Business, Product, Client Success (retention) and Sales Review meetings with worldwide business and sales leaders.

  • Participated in 50+ meetings with the CEO and Executive Staff where strategy and operational execution were reviewed.

“James is an incredible partner and always makes me look good. He is the best at bringing order to chaos and driving tangible results. I trust him explicitly.”

Brad Rencher



Formerly EVP & GM, Adobe Digital Experience

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  • Created the M&A Diligence and Integration process that was later adopted by Adobe.

  • Led the Integration Team for the acquisition of Omniture (as a member of the Omniture CorpDev team).

  • Conducted 100+ Diligence reviews.

"James is a tremendous collaborator and partner, bringing rigor to everything he tackles, whether it's day to day business operations or the intensity of an acquisition integration. You can always count on James to deliver with grace and humanity."


Gloria Chen



Former EVP of Corporate Development, Adobe


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​200,000 + Loans | $10B in Loan Value


  • Led the team that launched the company-wide pivot to to help small business owners through the SBA Payroll Protection Program loan process.

  • Delivered enhanced real-time coordination and cross-functional accountability.

  • Made quick and effective tool / process recommendations to ensure enhanced interlock and formal check-ins across the entire organization.

"James is welcoming and engaging to all he interacts with, but also very adept at knowing when a c-team member needs him to be “bad cop” on driving compliance to an operational task or cadence. James will quickly become a highly valued asset to any team he serves."

Ben Davis

Chief Revenue Officer



​Merger & Acquisition Boot Camp

  • Due Diligence

    • 200 Questions​

    • 200+ Documents

  • Steering Committee & Integration Team

  • Timeline & Integration Phases

  • Critical Success Factors (checklists)

  • Legal Guidance

  • Kickoff Meeting Agenda & Guidance

"James is a star! He is the best around for acquisition integration and diligence. He is highly organized and persistent, exactly the qualities needed when integrating a company. He works well with employees across all levels, from individual contributors to members of the C-Suite, as well as across an organization (finance, legal, sales, engineering, etc.). His demeanor is well suited for managing projects; he knows when to apply a friendly nudge vs. a stern reminder in order to move a task forward. I could not recommend James more highly!"

Brian Andersen


LUMA Partners LLC.

Former VP, Omniture Corporate Development


Board Member - Special Projects

  • Member of the Advisory Board.

  • Orchestrated the creation of annual Plan of Record, Objectives and KPIs.

  • Led the team that launched a new Customer Service program including the hiring of 20 people within 30 days.

  • Worked with CRO to establish go-to-market and sales plans.

  • Served as an Expert Advisor for the Boom StartUp Accelerator Program where I mentored startup founders seeking funding.

"James' engagement, experience, and care for each founder made this program exceptional. He held 1:1 conversations with the founders who told me how impactful his influence was. I hope you are proud of these graduates and I hope you continue building your legacy through mentorship."


Tara Spalding

Managing Director

Assure - BoomStartup Accelerator


Chairman - Summit Event

  • Emergency one month assignment to drive execution of the annual Omniture Summit customer event

  • Drove enrollment of 700+ attendees

  • Involvement of 300+ companies worldwide

  • Delivered 350+ hours of training content

"James is an exemplary professional and a true pleasure to work with. James leads by example and excels in bringing the right resources together across organizations to execute complex projects.. James is well known and respected for his "can do" attitude, true collaboration, and his ability to deliver."

Chris Parkin

Sr. Director, Product Marketing

Omniture, Inc.

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