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Office of the CEO

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Operations Assessment

A fresh perspective can help to improve the performance and efficiency of any business. As a Chief of Staff, I orchestrated 50+ comprehensive annual and quarterly business reviews to a C-Level audience. That combined with a 25+ year career, makes me uniquely qualified to assess organizations of all sizes, industries and stages of growth.

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Operational Foundation

Successful businesses require a solid foundation with clear guardrails and expectations throughout the organization. A system of business plans, core objectives, key performance indicators and reporting tools brings the business into alignment. Success is based on the premise "what is measured improves and what is measured and reported on improves faster". 

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M&A Execution

M&A is one the most impactful activities in the success or failure of a high growth business. Upwards of 90% of M&A deals fail to achieve expectations. Executed correctly, M&A activity can enable a business to reduce the time to market, become more competitive and gain a larger share of a customer base. All deals are unique, but a proven playbook, refined tools and best practices can improve the odds dramatically. This system was refined over 20+ acquisitions representing

>$10B in deal value


Business Incubation

Funding is the lifeblood of any startup venture. Entrepreneurs seeking funding need to have a compelling case that includes a sound business plan and the structure they will use to be successful. As the leader of the diligence and integration process at Omniture and Adobe, I evaluated dozens of companies and know what investors are looking for.

There are significant uncertainties in the evaluation and diligence process that will make or break the investment and have long term effects on ROI. As an investor, there is not always time nor resources to effectively vet a potential investment opportunity. To truly succeed, it takes an expert that knows where to look and what questions to ask. 

Talk to an Advisor Today

Contact us to speak with one of our advisors. We provide a free consultation to see if theOCEO is a good fit. You can expect absolute confidentiality and we won't drive you crazy with sale pitch emails or phone calls.

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