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What is the OCEO system?

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Throughout my entire career (25+ years) I have had the opportunity to work in the technology industry. I have spent time in every aspect of the business and carry the scars from lessons I have learned. I have been to all parts of the US and have traveled to EMEA and APAC. I love this industry and being on the cutting edge of new technological advances. I enjoy solving impossible problems and love it when a plan comes together.

From 2009 to 2019, I served as the Chief of Staff and Worldwide Business Operations lead for the GM and EVP of the Adobe Digital Marketing business. Over that 10 year period I was integrally involved in the day to day operations of the business as it grew from $300M to $3B in annual revenue. I also managed the due diligence and integration of $10B+ in acquisition value over 20+ deals.


As with any business that grows at that pace, there were significant challenges and the need to deal with unique and at times overwhelming obstacles. As the business grew, there was a constant need for new and expanded procedures and we adopted the mantra "what got us here, won't get us there". As I look back at the business operations machine that we built, I take immense pride in our ability to make adjustments in real time. Everyday the business was bigger than the day before and it was exhilarating. 

The best practices that were deployed in support of the business are what make up the components of the OCEO system. I am confident that the tools, templates, structure and lessons learned can be used to make your business successful. A summary of the components of the OCEO system is outlined below. They are available in full or individual components based on need.

Team Members
  • Form an operational infrastructure to manage the business so that the CEO can focus on building the business 

  • Establish an OCEO team including Executive Admin, PR and additional Business Operations staff to provide worldwide support and consistency

  • Build the overall business framework (guardrails)

  • Ensure effective interlock and formal check-ins with partner organizations 

  • Drive the execution of key business processes (Planning, Quarterly Status Reports, Quarterly Business Reviews, BOD reports etc..)

Office Conversation

Heading 1

  • Provide a steady hand on the rudder of the business

  • Implement an issue clearing house to ensure the CEO is laser focused and organized

  • Create strategic agendas, prepare presenters and drive accountability

  • Manage the flow of meetings to ensure the team stays on task (bad cop)

  • Orchestrate effective leadership, offsite planning, board of director, and all hands meetings

  • Drive Alignment around corporate and senior leader calendars

  • Conduct executive deal sponsorship reviews and sales engagement meetings

Discussing the Numbers
  • Orchestrate the operational flow of strategic planning, operations planning and budgeting

  • Facilitate the creation of yearly plan(s) of record, establish OKRs, identify owners and target dates

  • Deliver comprehensive templates including competitive landscape, financial targets, growth drivers, invest / divest priorities, dependencies and organizational review

  • Drive reporting and accountability for business work streams 

Men Shaking Hands
  • Best practices around "go / no go" on deal execution (red flags)

  • Comprehensive due diligence process including checklists by department

  • Deliver value realization and synergy (greater than the sum of the parts)

  • Best practices for executive engagement, steering committee and tactical team

  • Integration framework, checklists, work stream structure and tactical procedures

  • Reduction in force (RIF) process

  • Provide insight throughout the process with dashboards (single source of truth) and accountability reviews

Analysing the Numbers
  • Deliver an executive dashboard package that supports the operational plan and provides a single source of truth

  • Orchestrate all quarterly and annual financial reviews, business reviews, and interlock sessions

  • Create the quarterly and year end rollup of business results that will be used for performance reviews

  • Organize leadership check-in surveys and drive follow up on feedback

Brainstorm to Success

  • Provide operational support for new business opportunities, org changes and strategic initiatives

  • Establish an Enterprise Risk Management process with accountability throughout the organization

  • Conduct regular accountability reviews

  • Oversee office expansion as a result of M&A deals or other growth needs

Smiling Modern Business Woman
  • Prepare the CEO to be effective in engagements with key stakeholders, including the board of directors, partners, customers, and investors

  • Oversee the buildout of all CEO level presentation materials including powerpoint and talking points

  • Ensure that the CEO is prepared and rehearsals are conducted

  • Interface with internal and external parties on behalf of the CEO

  • Serve as an effective representative of the CEO throughout the organization


($1,500 VALUE - 1 winner per week)

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