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The VC Dilemma

Business Operations Appraisal


the OCEO System

When you engage with the OCEO, you get access to 25+ years of extensive strategic and tactical experience in Operations, Corporate Development, M&A, Business Development, Product Marketing and Client Services. 


We are experts in assessing challenging and complex business problems and delivering tangible solutions. Our clientele ranges from large corporate entities to small businesses and startups. We are ideally suited for venture capitol firms that have invested in businesses that need a steady hand on the rutter. 

From 2009 to 2019, I served as the Chief of Staff and Worldwide Business Operations lead for the GM and EVP of the Adobe Digital Marketing business. Over that 10 year period I was integrally involved in the day to day operations of the business as it grew from $300M to $3B in annual revenue. I also managed the M&A due diligence and integration for $10B+ in acquisition value over 20+ deals.


The OCEO is the best of the best and our track record and reputation speak for themselves. We refuse to compromise the level of service we provide which makes our schedule very tight and limits our availability.


We provide a free consultation where we assess whether your business is a good fit for our services. We look forward to meeting you and working to take your business to the next level.



As your business grows there will be significant challenges and the need to deal with unique and at times overwhelming obstacles. There will be a constant need for new and expanded procedures and your leadership team will need to adopt the mantra "what got us here, won't get us there". Every day your business will be bigger than the day before and you will be learning on fly. We have the experience from lessons learned over 25+ years of time spent in the trenches. 

What: Direct access to an on call advisor

How: On-site and remote options available




Your team needs to review, discuss, argue, defend and adjust often. Our team will walk you through a formal assessment of the business. Throughout the review, assignments are captured and plans are established to address challenges within the business. Agendas and templates are provided to guide the team through the process.​

The appraisal consists of a deep dive review of every aspect of the business within the following categories:

  • Financial Review

  • Strategy

  • Technology (Roadmap)

  • Marketing to Lead (Pipeline)

  • Lead to Quote​

  • Quote to Cash

  • Cash to Implementation

  • Implementation to Customer Success

  • Retention (Customer & Revenue)

  • Regional Performance (GEO's)

  • Staff Operations

  • Employee Engagement

  • Reporting & Dashboards

  • Org Structure

What: Comprehensive business review with templates and direct guidance

How: On-Site & remote options available




What is measured improves, what is measured and reported on improves faster. The establishment of guardrails, objectives, key performance indicators and a cadence for review are vital to your success. The establishment of an annual Plan of Record that cascades down from the C-Suite to the individual contributor brings clarity and direction to the entire organization. It ensures the troops are all marching in the same direction.

Once the Plan of Record is established, it needs to be communicated and posted in a visible fashion so that the entire team can monitor progress. Employees want to see the company be successful and will rally behind a clear objective. Employees also want to be successful themselves. We are all coin operated and need clear expectations to meet and exceed expectations.

The establishment of the Plan of Record process is difficult to create from scratch. Our advisors have the tools, templates, and experience to lead your organization through the process. 

What: Comprehensive Plan of Record process including templates and dashboards

How: On-Site & remote options available


Investor Readiness

Obtaining funding to start or expand your business is the lifeblood of your success. Whether you are seeking a loan from a financial institution or working to find a Venture Capital firm, it can be a daunting task. 


The investment process is complicated and difficult to get right even for the most experienced business person. Investors don't enter any transaction thinking that it will fail and are in the business of generating return on their investment.


There are many factors to consider that will make or break the investment and have long term effects on their ROI. We will get you prepared to review, discuss, defend and adjust the objectives and key performance indicators for your business. 

What: Comprehensive business review with templates and direct guidance

How: On-Site & remote options available


Talk to an Advisor Today

Contact us to speak with one of our advisors. We provide a free consultation to see if theOCEO is a good fit. You can expect absolute confidentiality and we won't drive you crazy with sale pitch emails or phone calls.

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